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Types of Student Involvement

AREA grants should provide meaningful, hands on, research experiences to undergraduate and/or graduate students. This can include

  • design of experiments and controls,
  • collection and analysis of data,
  • execution and troubleshooting of experiments,
  • presentation at meetings (for undergraduates, this might be at regional or campus meetings),
  • drafting journal articles,
  • collaborative interactions,
  • participation in lab meetings to discuss results and future experiments, etc.

The AREA program is a research grant program, not a training or fellowship program. While students typically participate in non-research activities, the AREA grant should not include a training plan that might include coursework, attending seminars, or developing professional skills.

The 12 page Research Strategy should describe how undergraduate and/or graduate students will be exposed to and supervised conducting hands-on research. It should also describe how students will participate in research activities.

The Research Strategy should communicate how the project will stimulate students interest so  that they consider a career in the biomedical or behavioral sciences.

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