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Types of Students

The exposure of students to hands-on research experience is central to the mission of the AREA program. The goals of the AREA program apply only to undergraduate (preferably) and graduate students.

An AREA application may include other investigators, such as foreign or industrial collaborators or consultants, as well as other trainees such as high school students, post baccalaureate participants, postdoctoral fellows, or clinical fellows. However, the involvement of such individuals does not fulfill the goal to expose undergraduate and/or graduate students in eligible environments to research.

If it is not possible to name specific students in the application, then in the budget justification, an applicant should identify the number and level (for example, sophomore) of students. The applicant can describe the criteria that will be used to select students. For example, applicants might propose to choose from among those students who have completed particular classes or who are pursuing specific majors.

Did You Know

Undergraduate and graduate students who have performed work on an R15 for at least one person month must be reported on the RPPR and must have a Commons account, even if they were not paid by the R15.

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